Monthly plans

Talia - Profiles

The Talia – Profiles package is ideal for managing all your member profiles, contacts, suppliers, partners, etc. Manage your lists, your communications and use all the features you want at your own pace.

55$/monthby user

Talia - Membership fee

>Go even further with the Talia – Subscription package and efficiently and simply manage new members’ subscriptions as well as renewals of your active members.

95$/monthby user

Talia - Integral

Take advantage of an integrated management system with the Talia – Integral package. Manage your events, benefit from a bridge with your accounting and your website and more.

155$/monthby user

Other pricing methods

Purchase a license

Would you prefer to purchase a Corporate licence rather than a monthly plan per user? We can make that happen. (more…)

Software as a Service (SaaS)

In some cases, an on-demand pricing model or SAAS (Software as a Service) can be an advantageous formula.  (more…)

Terms and conditions

Certain conditions apply.  (more…)

Pilot projects

Join the Team!

Take part in one of our pilot projects to develop new features. You will be able to influence the development according to your own needs and also benefit from competitive prices.  (more…)

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