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The Profile is the central element of your management system. Talia manages and displays on a single page all the Profile data of an Individual or Company (Member, Partner, Supplier, Media, Donor, etc.).

The Profile is configurable and flexible since it allows you to add as many fields and characteristics as you wish.

Find Profiles easily using standard or custom filters. Create reusable lists and easily export your data to the Office 365 suite.

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DOCUMENTS: Say goodbye to searches since you can associate and link all your documents to a Profile.

GROUP: Connect Profiles and group them according to your own needs (Branch, Employer, Partner, etc.).

ASSIGNED TEAM: Offer the most personalized service and assign per internal department, a manager for each Profile.

HISTORY: Talia automatically keeps track of changes to all your data as well as the history of Transactions and Interventions.

MAP: Simply click on one of the addresses to locate the Profile using Google Maps..

And much more to discover ...

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It has never been so quick and easy to enroll new members and manage your annual membership renewals.

A well thought-out five (5) step process generates monthly notices and simultaneously produces all your personalized letters. Do you want to offer online renewal payments? Would you like to record payments in your accounting software (Acomba X or others) and link them to the member's Profile?

Talia can do this too.

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Talia allows you to generate a webpage with the full description and specific design of your Event in minutes. The event webpage supports the registration process, ticket purchase and online payment and funds are deposited directly into YOUR bank account. Easily manage prices, the number of available places, the registration deadline and attendance. In real time, track the number of attendees according to your objectives using the Statistics section. Then match the Participants to the Profiles in your database in order to create a participation history for each Profile.

Easily manage prices, the number of places available, the registration deadline and attendance. Follow in real time the progress of registrations according to your objectives using the Statistics section.

Then match the Participants to the Profiles in your database in order to keep the participation history by Profile.

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Talia adapts to your needs for efficient management of your financing and fundraising campaigns. Retain donors through detailed management of their Profiles and real-time monitoring of all your communications. Generate periodic follow-up activities in order to maintain contact with your regular donors and also recruit new donors.

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*** NEW *** Create personalized online questionnaires and surveys. Your database will then be populated and automatically updated with participant answers.

Compile data to obtain statistics and display charts in your dashboard.

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*** Our Specialty ***For many organizations such as ARQ, setting up and operating a Purchasing Program represents real financial leverage and creates wealth for members, partners and the association itself.

Easily and regularly produce discount checks for all participants in your purchase program. Establish the terms of the agreement with your partners and thus offer your members the opportunity to make substantial savings on many of their day-to-day purchases.

See how Talia can provide an innovative and profitable solution based on the product vision and its successful experiences.

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The use of an LMS (Learning Management System) allows organizations to plan, distribute and monitor online or traditional training activities. Learn at your own pace, when and where you want. A simple and effective solution to broadcast your online training.

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